Paddling with Linc


Modern ocean paddling in an complex sport, intertwining the art form past down through centuries of ocean paddlers with progressive endurance sports preformance strategies. As a sports & exercise student, and a life student of paddling, its become my passion to merge the two, chasing success with my own paddling, and those I’m privileged to help on their our journeys.

Winning the 2018 World SUP racing tour was a culmination of dedication over the last decade. By utilising techquines I have learnt along this journey Id love to assist in you reaching your paddling goals.

With many different options available for both immediate and long term goals, we can work together to tailor a program specific for your needs.

  • Video analysis

  • Physiology analysis

  • Goal setting and performance planning

  • On water training programs, tailored to individual

  • Group based training programs

  • Off water paddle specific training

  • injury prevention

  • Paddle technuqie

  • Completely personalised, contact with Lincoln, through email, text and video calls


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