Whats in the bag?


As a professional ocean athlete, I can be on the road up to 6 months of the year. Sometimes it can get pretty tricky keeping healthy and ready to perform at your best while living out of a suitcase and hotel rooms.  



On the road it’s important to keep routine, while lots of my bags contents will change depending on where I am traveling and what I’m doing there, its core things can help me keep routine and familiarity.


5 things I don’t travel without


-      Elastic bands

Bands are probably one of the most underrated pieces of fitness equipment on the market. Compact and versatile, they are a perfect tool for stretching, and keeping the body tuned while bouncing between aeroplanes and hotel rooms. I use mine for anything from hotel workouts, warmup regimes and stretching after long flights. 


-      Running shoes

The first thing I like to do when getting to a new place, is get out and run. There’s no better way to see your surroundings than by foot. Workout done, that little coffee shop that your about to go have lunch in, found!


-      Portable espresso machine

Like most coffee addicts, just the thought of going weeks on end with nothing but instant coffee is enough to give me withdrawals. I recently stumbled upon a series

manual espresso machines that have saved my life. This is seriously the first thing that goes in my bag (in fact it never actually leaves my bag.) 


-      Rain jacket

Because no matter what the Instagram photos look like from your destination, it will probably rain (at least if I’m there.) nothing quiet ruins a trip like wet clothes inside your bag, and it’s worth the extra hassle to bring a good waterproof jacket. 


-      Go pro

Proof or it didn’t happen right? I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some incredible places, most of which will never visit again. But being an experience first, take photos second kind of guy has left me with a distinct lack of visual memory’s. nowadays my camera is in my pocket from the moment I leave the door. 

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